Episode 12: Down at the Farm

07/05/19 – This week Matt talks about a few places he’s been recently and is thrilled to find out he has an email address.  

Episode 11 : Crisps Not Chips

This week we do a crisp taste challenge but with some fairly strange flavours of crisp, we answer a few more random questions andΒ  Zach joins the show  

Episode 7 : Matt’s Birthday (10/02/19)

This week Matt talks about his birthday, we announce how to get your hands on some “Chat With Matt Merch” and Matt does some more film reviews, guess what he scores them !!! πŸ™‚  

Episode 5: The Quiz

This week Matt and Zach do a general knowledge quiz to win back Fortnite on their Xbox

Episode 4 : Tasty Treats

This week Matt introduces 2 special guests, we do the family taste challenge V1 and Matt reviews yet more films, guess what he scores them πŸ™‚